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Kev is an average person living an uneventful life--just how he likes it--until the day he finds himself kidnapped by time-traveling slavers and thrusted into an unfamiliar world of airships, clockwork, and steam. Rescued by Millicent Darlington and her mismatched airship crew, Kev finds himself taking part in adventures he could never have imagined. In spite of his growing feelings for the ship's medic, Persephone Mockett, Kev knows he must return to his own time and his own life and his own family, only to discover it's not as straightforward as he's been told.
Taylor Murphy is a nursing student who loves living with her sheriff father in the quaint town of San Juan, Texas. Ever since she can remember, Taylor has had a crush on Anton Guevara, a bad boy with a less than stellar reputation. All the girls want to date him, but unfortunately for Taylor, he seems to just go for fast women. While she only has eyes for Anton, Jonathan Christensen an ideal boyfriend candidate only has eyes for Taylor.   One day when Anton surprises her and asks her out, Taylor quickly accepts his invitation despite her father's obvious dislike for him. Sheriff Murphy would much rather seeing her date Jonathan, a well-respected and smart young man. When her father learns Anton and Taylor are dating, the discovery prompts a chain of events that eventually leads him to kick Taylor out of the house. Now she must decide whether to end her relationship with Anton and begin dating Jonathan just to please her father or follow her heart and continue to date the man he despise

The Leaves Change in Autumn

Stunned and grateful to have survived a ferocious battle against an impossible foe, the Games Master, four comrades and warriors contemplate what future awaits them. War is brewing in the lands, but it is not glorious. These are tense times for all who live in the path of conflict. The Silver Allegiance, the dominant ruling kingdom, has expanded as far north and west as it can. And a new, powerful consortium known as the Dark Realm has grown as far east and south as it can.  Caught between these two powerhouse kingdoms is a small strip of towns and villages, where terrified citizens await what comes next. As each side prepares for battle, the people caught in the middle do all they can to survive. Kruno and his men have no interest in being a part of the impending conflict, but how can they stay out of it?  Their adventures will take them to hostile lands, where they meet exceptional creatures. Can they survive their encounters with the sand sorceresses, gargoyles, cryptons, and the mo

Out of Time

The Games Master


ISBN: Paperback: 978-1949735604   

           Hardcover: 978-1949735611

Pages: 220

Publication Date:  Feb.15, 2019

Paperback: $9.99

Hardcover: $19.65

ISBN:  Paperback: 978-1949735369

            Hardcover: 978-1949735376

Pages: 156

Publication Date:  October 31, 2018

Paperback: $7.99

Hardcover: $17.99

ISBN: Paperback: 978-1949735604 

           Hardcover: 978-1948928465

Pages: 220

Publication Date:  Feb.15, 2019

Paperback: $9.99

Hardcover: $19.65

To those who have searched but not found, looked but not seen, wondered but not discovered, thirst but never quenched, this I say unto you, search no more, look no further for you have finally found the path to inner peace where your heart and soul have finally come to rest and indulge in the life that you were meant to have here on earth. The path to inner peace awaits your decision.
Evolution is one of the most controversial subjects known. Roughly six-in-ten U.S. adults (62%) agree that humans have evolved over time, but only a little more than half of them (33% of all Americans) express the belief that humans and other living things evolved solely due to natural4 processes.  The same survey found that 34% of Americans reject evolution entirely, saying humans and other living things have existed in their present form since the beginning of time. A moment's reflection will reveal that maintaining present form since the beginning of time is most unlikely.
Life in the IDF is challenging--physically and emotionally. Grueling stretcher marches, inspections and shoe shines go hand-in-hand with combat training, medic training and developing leadership skills. This is the true story of the daily life of the author and three of his army buddies inside the IDF. With humor and friendship they mature from adolescents to young men.


Bullets to Bandages

7 Pillars to Inner Peace

ISBN: Paperback:978-1949735840

           Hardcover: 978-1949735857

Pages: 146

Publication Date:  May 1, 2019

Paperback: $7.99

Hardcover: $17.99

ISBN: Paperback: 978-1949735338

           Hardcover:  978-1949735345

Pages: 508

Publication Date:  February, 2019

Paperback: $9.02

Hardcover: $27.99

ISBN: Paperback: 978-1949735185

           Hardcover: 978-1949735192

Pages: 88

Publication Date:  February 15, 2019

Paperback: $6.99

Hardcover: $16.99

When our children were small, and after completing the house we were building, my husband decided he would build a sandbox for our kids. Unfortunately, as our grandchildren were arriving he became ill and passed away in 2005. He was not able to take on this project with/for them. However, I can easily imagine him going to visit grandchildren and offering to build them a sandbox. As I wrote this story I could feel his presence and knew that building a sandbox is something he would have eagerly don
The book is based on the real life experience Knox's mother had in getting a dog that she had to give up. "This was a personal experience that manifested itself as a short poem and became an actual story." The book is written in a rhyming style that came about one night as Knox and her family came face to face with the frustrations of the dog and cats. "The words formed in my head, rhyming and telling a story," she explains. "I wrote them down and was surprised how the story all came together."

Harrison and Grandpa Build a Sandbox

Pickles and Jane

The Afterworld

ISBN: Paperback: 978-1949735666

           Hardcover: 978-1949735673

Pages: 22

Publication Date:  May 1, 2019

Paperback: $5.99

Hardcover: $15.99

ISBN: Paperback: 978-1949735574

           Hardcover: 978-1949735581

Pages: 62

Publication Date:  August 15, 2019

Paperback: $10.99

Hardcover: $20.99

ISBN: Paperback: 978-1949735789

           Paperback: 978-1949735796

Pages: 512

Publication Date:  May 1, 2019

Paperback: $17.99

Hardcover: $22.99

Is it possible to fall in love with life enough to overcome an abusive childhood and while living with a debilitating muscular dystrophy condition? Laugh and cry with this author as she takes you with her on her healing journey to find that place of deep love where healing from the deepest wounds is possible. This book is about a daughter as she cares for her Alzheimer's stricken mother and the love and healing she found along the way.  Explore the confusing world of an Alzheimer's patient and discover how a connection through the presence of deep love is still possible even when your loved one no longer recognizes you. See through the author's eyes and experience death as a beautiful and sacred moment rather than something to be feared. Even in the darkest and saddest of times, love still makes its presence known. Read and you will feel it, too.

Nothing Left but Love

Based on the real events at the end of World War II this thrilling military novel has increased relevance in today's climate of terrorism. Flight of the Valkyrie centers on an attempt by Heinrich Himmler, member of the doomed Nazi hierarchy to infiltrate the Manhattan Project and capture the newly developed atomic bomb intending to use it as leverage to mitigate Germany's surrender terms. Receiving classified intelligence of the project's progress from a mole within the Russian spy network a top-secret team of German commandos lands on the coast of Maine and launches a ruthless campaign of blackmail and forgery. The gripping story is inspired by real-life intrigues of Heinrich Himmler, head of the SS, who instigates a special underground organization in a desperate attempt at self preservation at the time of Germany's surrender in 1945. All the hallmarks of a great espionage thriller are here, enhanced by the cast of endlessly complex characters, the fresh and distinctive voice of this

The Flight of the Valkyrie

In this third story of The Green Horse Trilogy, The evil sorceress Sheraptu and the demons led by Draco are defeated. The black cloud over The Black Mountain lair of the sorceress has turned into a huge hole in the sky with starry space on the other side and planet Earth in plain view. It was a window to another world, ours. Just when King Nicholas thought the battle was over having defeated the sorceress and the demons, an even greater challenge awaits that not only affects his world, but ours too. He must once again work with the magic colored horses and a unicorn to save all.

The Four Horses of Ishtar

ISBN: Paperback:978-1949735390
Hardcover: 978-1949735406

Pages: 88

Publication Date:  January, 2019

Paperback: $7.49

Hardcover: $17.99

ISBN: Paperback:978-1948928618     

            Hardcover: 978-1948928625

Pages: 354

Publication Date:  March 31, 2019

Paperback: $13.99

Hardcover: $19.87

ISBN: Paperback:978-1948928366


Pages: 40

Publication Date:  June 10, 2019

Paperback: $5.17

Hardcover: $11.05


The Fire Horse

In the story Saving Peg Leg, Jane finds an injured turtle in her backyard. She wants to keep this turtle as a pet and nurse it back to good health. After taking the turtle to the vet and visiting the library, Jane learns lots of interesting facts about her new turtle friend. She learns that it's best not to keep turtles in captivity. Jane struggles with doing the right thing in letting the turtle return to a natural habitat, knowing it is injured. Through help from her loving family members, many new and old friends, her love for animals, and her strong belief in her faith, Jane overcomes her worries for the well-being of the turtle she calls Peg Leg. She also realizes that God is sending her on a mission of strength, love, and determination for helping one of his creations live a normal life in a suitable habitat.


ISBN: Paperback: -
           Hardcover: -

Pages: --

Publication Date:  --

Paperback: --

Hardcover: --

ISBN: Paperback: 978-1949735901
           Hardcover: 978-1949735918

Pages: 26

Publication Date:  June 9, 2019

Paperback: $5.99

Hardcover: $14.21

ISBN: Paperback: 978-1948928397
           Hardcover: 978-1948928403

Pages: 96

Publication Date:  June 15, 2018

Paperback: $6.99

Hardcover: $16.99

Prison Planet.jpeg

ISBN: Paperback: -
           Hardcover: -

Pages: --

Publication Date:  --

Paperback: --

Hardcover: --

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