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       It is our mission to recognize outstanding talent and excellence in young and adult fiction and nonfiction, thereby encouraging a passion for reading while promoting education, imagination, and character in the minds of our young and adult readers alike. Featured books are quality volumes that the community believes to be the best of what The Writer Central has to offer and should motivate more authors to create more meaningful works that touch the lives of countless people.


DE McLean

D. Brosbell

S. Knox

S. Knox


Out of Time


TWC | Bestseller Award


About the Author


       DE McLean was born in Pukekohe, New Zealand and grew up in a farming community, attending Pukekohe East Primary School. She went to Pukekohe High School before training as a teacher at North Shore Teacher's College. returning to the workforce after raising her four children, she worked at many different professions including Diversional Therapy and Tertiary Level Tutor. She currently resides in Thames, New Zealand with her husband.

About the Book

     Kev is an average person living an uneventful lifejust how he likes ituntil the day he finds himself kidnapped by time-traveling slavers and thrusted into an unfamiliar world of airships, clockwork, and steam. Rescued by Millicent Darlington and her mismatched airship crew, Kev finds himself taking part in adventures he could never have imagined. In spite of his growing feelings for the ships medic, Persephone Mockett, Kev knows he must return to his own time and his own life and his own family, only to discover its not as straightforward as hes been told.


The Games Master

About the Author


  David Brosbell was born and raised in Toronto Canada. Although he is a proud Canadian, he is passionate about his Scandinavian ancestry and enjoys weaving his personal research and history into his fiction. Known as the Viking to his friends and colleagues, he collects medieval weapons as a hobby. He is currently at work on the prequel and the sequel of his Games Master series.


About the Book

   Stunned and grateful to have survived a ferocious battle against an impossible foe, the Games Master, four comrades and warriors contemplate what future awaits them. War is brewing in the lands, but it is not glorious. These are tense times for all who live in the path of conflict. The Silver Allegiance, the dominant ruling kingdom, has expanded as far north and west as it can. And a new, powerful consortium known as the Dark Realm has grown as far east and south as it can.

Caught between these two powerhouse kingdoms is a small strip of towns and villages, where terrified citizens await what comes next. As each side prepares for battle, the people caught in the middle do all they can to survive. Kruno and his men have no interest in being a part of the impending conflict, but how can they stay out of it?

Their adventures will take them to hostile lands, where they meet exceptional creatures. Can they survive their encounters with the sand sorceresses, gargoyles, cryptons, and the most feared beasts of all - dragons?

Can they avoid the inevitable horrors of war?

About the Author


         Sally C. Knox was born on February 3, 1943, in Cold Spring, New York. She grew up outside of Buffalo, moved to San Francisco in 1989, and, after remarriage, returned to the Buffalo area. With her husband she has six children and twelve grandchildren. Now a semiretired nurse, she loves to travel. She has written numerous poems and stories and this is her first published book. Nikki Dzimira grew up in a small suburb on outskirts of Buffalo and currently still lives in the area. Since childhood, she always wanted to become an artist and now that dream is a reality. Recently graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, she is determined to show the world her work. This will be her first published book.

About the Book

     The book is based on the real-life experience Knox’s mother had in getting a dog that she had to give up. This was a personal experience that manifested itself as a short poem and became an actual story. The book is written in a rhyming style that came about one night as Knox and her family came face to face with the frustrations of the dog and cats. “The words formed in my head, rhyming and telling a story,” she explains. “I wrote them down and was surprised how the story all came together.”


Pickles and Jane

About the Author


        Erma Jones is a United States Army veteran. She attended Columbia College Chicago where she received her B. A. degree in journalism. She now attend California Southern University, where she will receive her masters in law. The leaves change in autumn is her first book. She now lives with her husband Philip in Chicago Illinois.

About the Book

   Taylor Murphy lives in San Juan, a small town in Texas. She loves living in San Juan, where everyone knows one another and help one another out. She lives with her father, who is a single parent, and she is a nursing student in her last year of school. She wants to date Anton, a young man in town who's always in and out of trouble. One day, Anton asks her out, and they began to date. Jonathan is another young man in town who also likes Taylor. He is the son of a well-known business owner in town, and he attends the university. Sheriff Murphy, Taylor's father, opposes Taylor's relationship with Anton and forbids her from seeing him. He likes Jonathan, and he would stop at nothing to end Taylor's relationship with Anton. One day Anton shows up unexpectedly at Taylor's house, and her father gets angry and puts her out. Will Taylor end her relationship with Anton and date Jonathan to please her father, or will she follow her heart and continue to date Anton? 


The Leaves Change in Autumn


Bullets to Bandages

About the Book

Life in the IDF is challenging--physically and emotionally. Grueling stretcher marches, inspections and shoe shines go hand-in-hand with combat training, medic training and developing leadership skills. This is the true story of the daily life of the author and three of his army buddies inside the IDF. With humor and friendship they mature from adolescents to young men.

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