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       If you visit the town of Thames at the base of New Zealand's Coromandel Peninsula and walk up Pollen Street to its northern end, you will find yourself in historic Grahamstown. Thames was one a booming gold-mining town, evidence of which is still apparent in many of the buildings still standing today. The township itself was at one time two settlements, Grahamstown and Shortland, which eventually combined to form the modern day town of Thames. 

         This story, however , is not historical; it is science fiction/fantasy. I have in no way tried to recreate or document anything that may have happened here in our reality. In fact, if anything factual occurs, it is entirely coincidental. I have merely borrowed the name and used a loose historical connection to weave my own story. I liked the idea of setting my story in this location because of the way the sense of the past feels very close to the present in parts of the town. It's no huge stretch to imagine another reality running alongside ours. Nor is it too hard to imagine the odd tome time traveler washing up by accident on these shores from another reality.

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