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TWC started out as a ghostwriter service provider that helps aspiring writers and authors bring their stories and ideas into published materials since 2008.  We know that writing a book is just half of the real deal in getting started with the publishing industry. With our expertise and joint efforts, we have collaborated with different publishing professionals in producing well written manuscripts and decided to expand the 
business  to help authors in endorsing their names and books to different traditional publishers, bookstores and big decision makers in the literary industry. Fast forward to today, TWC is one of the top leading service providers for authors in achieving commercial success. With over 480 titles to date, TWC is proud to say that the company has a success rate of 55% in the year 2016. Since the beginning, TWC has exceeded 
author expectation and delivered quality work to its clients. 
The logo symbolizes the uniqueness of each writer 's craft from being novice to becoming 
a famous author. The small dots represent small dreams that slowly turn into reality.  
Excellence and Professionalism 

 The Writer Central conducted its very first book convention on November 6, 2010 together with Professional Consultants.  
At present, TWC seeks to continue its long-lasting relationship with its employees and clients and be an agency for neophyte writers who have been dreaming to get a spotlight in the writing scene. As we continue our pursuit of excellence, we strive hard to maintain our name in the business of producing talented writers and authors from different markets and endorse them to mainstream publishers. Backed by many years of research, The Writer Central continues to exceed author expectation in over 10 years and hopes to continue this culture for many more years to come.